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    文章來源:廣州普眾   點擊數:5149    發布時間:2015/6/5
    產品特點: 平均值:7.3kV;最小值 5.0kV;最大值 10.0kV  特點:防油、防水、阻擋熔鐵噴濺 產品介紹:

    耐 熱 套 管 
    Withstands continuous exposure to 260℃ (500℉) 
    Up to 1090℃ (2000℉) for 15~20 minutes 
    Up to 1650℃ (3000℉) for 15~30 seconds 
    Size:1/4”(6mm) ~ 5”(127mm) 
    Thermal conductivity (K-Factor): 
    Industrial grade K=0.541 BTU-in./hr-ft2-℉ 
    Aerostyle grade K=0.610 BTU-in./hr-ft2-℉ 
    Electrical insulation capacity (Dielectric breakdown voltage): 
    Average Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 7.3kV 
    Min. Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 5.0kV 
    Max. Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 10.0kV 
    Chracteristic: greaseproof, waterproof, excellent modulus of elasticity 
    resists molten metal splash 
    承受持續溫度:260℃ (500℉) 
    承受 1090℃ (2000℉) 約 15~20分鐘 
    承受瞬間 1650℃ (3000℉) 約 15~30秒 
    尺寸:1/4英吋 (6公厘) ~ 5英吋 (127公厘) 
    一般工業品級 K=0.541 BTU-in./hr-ft2-℉
    航天工業品級 K=0.610 BTU-in./hr-ft2-℉ 
    絕緣性能 (電介質破壞電壓數):
    平均值:7.3kV;最小值 5.0kV;最大值 10.0kV 

    耐 熱 套 管 
    Constructed from a high bulk fiberglass sleeve heavily coated with iron oxide red 
    silicone rubber, Pyrojacket sheds molten metal splash and withstands intense heat 
    and flame, making it ideal for protecting hoses, cable and tubing in a variety of 
    hostile environments. Withstands continuous exposure to 500℉ (260℃), up to 2000 
    ℉ (1090℃) for 15-20 minutes, and up to 3000℉ (1650℃) for 15-30 seconds. 
    套管可連續暴露于 500°F (260°C)的高溫中而不受損壞,高達 2000°F (1090°C)的溫度下可承
    受 15-20分鐘,3000°F (1650°C)的溫度下則可承受 15-30秒。 
    Available in size up to 5” (127mm) diameter, Pyrojacket has an excellent modulus 
    of elasticity and can be used to bundle hoses and cables. 
    耐熱套管尺寸齊全,最大直徑達 5英吋 (127公厘),且擁有絕佳的延展系數,極適合用于包
    Pyrojacket’s insulation properties allow it to provide effective burn protection for 
    personnel from hot hoses and piping, while reducing costly heat energy losses. 
    Available in both Industrial and Aerostyle grades. 
    Also available in other colours by special order. 


    耐 熱 套 管 
    PJ-04 PJ-05 PJ-06 PJ-07 PJ-08 PJ-10 PJ-12 PJ-14 PJ-16 PJ-18 PJ-20 PJ-22 PJ-24 PJ-26
     PJ-28 PJ-32 PJ-36 PJ-40 PJ-44 PJ-48 PJ-52 PJ-56 PJ-60 PJ-64 PJ-72 PJ-80 

    PJA-05 PJA-06 PJA-07 PJA-08 PJA-10 PJA-12 PJA-14 PJA-16 PJA-18 PJA-20 PJA-22

     PJA-24 PJA-26 PJA-28 PJA-32 PJA-36 PJA-40 PJA-44 PJA-48 PJA-52 PJA-56 PJA-60 PJA-64 

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